Win Free Stuff Online With Online Competitions Australia 2019

Every so often you hear a story about how someone will regularly win free stuff online with online competitions, and you ask the same question – how!?

Here’s the secret – winning free stuff online isn’t the hard part, the hard part is finding sites that offer great free online competitions in Australia!

Many sites regularly run competitions online offering both money competitions and free prizes. Some of these sites are survey sites whilst others are a one-off entry, but all give you the opportunity to win free stuff from TV’s to holidays to cold hard cash!

With a little luck and a lot of patience, it is definitely possible to win free stuff online.

In this article, I’ll list the best places to register for online competitions in Australia and help you understand what you can do to maximise your chance of winning free stuff online!

Get started winning free stuff right now.

Top 10 Sites To Win Free Stuff

SiteTop PrizeJoin
Swagbucks50,000 pointsSign Up
$2000 Voucher Sweepstakes$2000Sign Up
Opinion World$5000Sign Up
Freelotto $1000 TGIF Sweeps$1000Sign Up
Supermarket Voucher Sweepstakes$2000Sign Up
Freelotto Smart TV SweepSmart TVSign Up
RewardsCentral$500Sign Up
Toluna1,000,000 pointsSign Up
IRi Shopper PanelVariesSign Up
LifePointsVariesSign Up

Tips To Win Competitions Online Australia

Before we get to the reviews of sites offering free online competitions in Australia, it’s important you know the basics. This will give you the best chance of winning competitions offering free stuff online.

Below are my top 4 tips to give you the best chance of winning competitions online.

1. Understand the entry requirements

Every site is different, and every site has it’s own unique set of rules and guidelines when it comes to entering and winning competitions.

Some sites with Australian competitions and giveaways require you to take surveys to receive entry into prize draws and sweepstakes, whereas others require a short written statement. On some sites, all you’ll need to do is provide your email address.

This is important, because you need to follow the site’s requirements to win. Along with this, it’s important to provide legitimate and up to date information.

2. Enter the right type of competitions

Entering competitions online can be fun and almost addictive, but there’s really no need to enter them unless you actually want to win what’s on offer.

There’s so many ways to win free stuff online that your time is best spent registering for stuff you do want! If you can’t use it or sell it, there’s no point trying to win it.

3. Follow the company on social media

How do you ensure you can snap up the best offers as they become available? By following the actual company on their social media accounts!

Often competitions are open for registration for only a short, limited time, and they’re nearly always mentioned on social media.

By following their account, you’ll have an advantage over others by being able to enter as soon as competitions open and ensure you never miss an opportunity to win.

4. Put in a little effort

While the old adage of there being ‘no such thing as a free lunch’ may not be entirely true when it comes to winning competitions online, it is at least partially true.

It can take some time finding competitions worth applying for and making an effort with your application, but for the best chance of winning, it is important you make this effort. Make any written statements stand out and ensure you snap up the best opportunities as they become available.

Top 10 Sites Offering Online Competitions Australia 2019

Below are the numerous sites where you can win competitions in Australia. These sites are all free to enter competitions.


The first site where you can win competitions is Swagbucks. Essentially, this is a survey site which offers a wide range of ways to earn points and redeem rewards, but they also offer excellent sweepstakes and prize draws.

When you complete a survey, you’ll often receive several entries into a prize draw/sweepstake – even up to 400 entries or more, giving you plenty of opportunity to win. They offer some of the best prizes from game consoles to mobile phones to cash.

In addition to this you can earn points and receive entries into competitions from simple activities like shopping, watching videos and even searching things.

Swagbucks have a sweepstake at the start of every month, and in addition to some products you can earn up to 50,000 points which you can redeem for cash.

Click here to sign up now.


$2000 Voucher Sweepstakes

The next site is simple and transparent – you enter your email address for the chance to win a $2000 gift voucher. There are 3 gift voucher options – David Jones, Woolworths and Flight Centre.

It’s free and easy to enter and takes minimal time to complete a registration. However, do note that you will join their list to receive marketing communications once you sign up.

It’s also worth checking your spam folder regularly as I have found correspondence from this company can end up there.

Click here to sign up now.


Opinion World

Another one of my favourite survey sites offering the best online competitions is Opinion World.

They offer multiple quarterly cash prizes, with the top prize paying $5000, and all you have to do to receive entry is online surveys. You can even use the points you accumulate from online surveys to receive additional prize draw entries.

In addition to these cash prize draws, they regularly give away supermarket gift vouchers priced between $5 and $100.

Their best offers are always listed on their Facebook page, so it’s definitely worth following them so that you can register when they become available.

Click here to sign up now.


Freelotto $1000 TGIF Sweeps

A USA based site open to registration for Australians, Freelotto do a $1000 cash giveaway every Friday.

You must register on their site, play games and undertake certain quick tasks to receive entry into their prize draws. You can receive up to 14 entries a week.

Whilst it is free to sign up and enter into competitions, this is essentially a gambling site, so it won’t be suitable for everyone and is only available to those aged 18+.

Click here to sign up now


Supermarket Voucher Sweepstakes

This is another site offering a $2000 gift voucher for Woolworths in exchange for answering a few simple questions. Once you’ve answered them, you provide your email address and receive entry into the prize draw.

Again, it’s important to remember that when you sign up for an offer like this, you consent to joining their email list to receive marketing material via email.

Click here to sign up now.


Freelotto Smart TV Sweep

Another way to enter competitions Australia offers is with Freelotto. Here, you can sign up for their Smart TV sweep. Freelotto regularly give away smart TVs in competitions, along with numerous other tech gadgets, such as laptops and iPads.

With this site, it’s especially important to check your spam folder. I found all my emails were going into there when I registered for their competitions. Again, although this is a free offer, this is a gambling site and as such only suitable to those aged 18+.

Click here to sign up now.



RewardsCentral is another survey site but they have regular prize draws where they pay up to $100.

They also have a yearly prize draw where they hand out payments of up to $500 from a pool of $5000 – so there are 10 chances to win.

This site is exclusively available to Australians and, by completing their surveys, you get entry into prize draws, or you can choose to receive reward points. This is great as many sites often dictate what you receive, but with RewardsCentral, you’re in complete control. Personally, I love the cash competitions.

You earn multiple entries based on the activity you participate in. For example, reading emails gives you 2 entries while completing a survey can give you up to 100 entries depending on the length of the survey.

Click here to sign up now.


Toluna Opinions

Toluna is one of my favourite survey sites, and it also has some of the best opportunities to win competitions and earn some real cash.

While you get entry into prize draws just for completing surveys, their real advantage is the opportunity to win 1,000,000 points – and this happens every single day!

It takes 500 points to join, and since each survey pays between 500 to 2500 points, you can get loads of entries quite easily.

In addition to these prize draws, you also receive guaranteed rewards by redeeming gift vouchers for points. It’s entirely up to you how you choose to spend your reward points.

Click here to sign up now.


IRi Shopper Panel

IRi Shopper definitely offers a unique way to earn win free stuff, but for many of you it will be perfect.

The way it works is that once you sign up and your application is approved, you receive a scanner where you can record your purchases for the week. You may also receive a survey related to an item you’ve purchased.

In return, you’ll receive entry into prize draws as well as guaranteed reward points where you can use for gift vouchers and other products.

You also receive a guaranteed $20 gift voucher just for successfully signing up. However there is no guarantee your application will be approved. But the only way to know is to try.

Click here to sign up now.



The final site offering fantastic sweepstakes is LifePoints. This is another survey site where you take quick and easy to complete surveys for reward points and entry into competitions.

You can even use your reward points to get guaranteed rewards in addition to free competitions entries.

The surveys themselves can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, but if you just want sweepstake entries, the surveys are generally much shorter.

Make sure you have email notifications set up so that you can always receive notifications of the best sweepstake opportunities.

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