Survey Sites For Australians: Univox Review 2022

Univox is another site Australians can use to make money with surveys. This site has received a mixed bag of survey reviews, which may leave you wondering whether it’s worth your time.

The truth is there are good and bad sides to every site – although one of the struggles with this site is that it isn’t always open for new members!

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Once you pass the initial sign up stage, what can you expect from this site? Read our Univox review below to discover what this survey site offers it’s members.

Making Money with Univox 2021

Univox review


How regular are their survey offers?

Univox is a growing but still considerably large global survey site of over 3 million members. With numbers this large and restricted sign up, there are quite a surveys available from time to time.

The best way to receive survey offers is to complete profile information and respond to offers at the soonest opportunity.

To keep up to date with their survey offers, I recommend downloading their mobile app. The app is available on both Apple and Android smartphone devices. By enabling push notifications, you’ll be informed whenever a new survey opportunity is available.

How do you earn points?

You’ll earn points from Univox from the get go. This is because they give you a $2 bonus reward just for joining.

They then offer a range of surveys (both quick and long), as well as contests and polls where you can earn points. For example, they have a prize wheel where you can potentially win prizes for participating.

When you’re disqualified from a survey you’ll also earn 5 points, and you can earn $1 for referring friends to join.

How much do they pay?

Univox is about on par with most big, global survey sites. Depending on the length and complexity of survey offers, you’ll receive anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per survey. This means each survey generally pays between 50 and 300 points.

How to redeem points?

Something to note about Univox is that the withdrawal threshold starts quite high. Initially you will need 2500 points in your account to request a PayPal, Amazon or virtual Mastercard payment, which can certainly take a while to accumulate.

However the withdrawal minimum decreases the higher your membership level reaches. For example, once you reach ‘Ambassador user’ you’ll only need 1000 points to make a withdrawal.

Things to note

One of the downsides of Univox is for new registrants. Registration is more selective than some survey sites and not always open. Often new registrants will receive a message that they have enough members from your area and to check another time.

Summary – 3.5/5

While there are many accounts of users having positive experiences with this site, there are also many stories of negative experiences. Long wait times and lack of offers are certainly downsides that can be improved. You also need to wait for a time when sign up is open.

However, there are users who have continued to have success with this site and if you’re patient and willing to persevere, it might be worth your time signing up.

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