Top Sites That Pay Cash For Online Surveys In Australia 2020

Interested in getting paid to take surveys? Want to know the online surveys that pay cash?

When I first started completing online surveys for cash, my number one question was this – which online survey sites in Australia pay cash?

Sure, gift vouchers from paid surveys sounded good, but what I really wanted was the ability to earn real money. I’m sure many of you will share this desire.

I sifted through my options, locating all the top survey sites in Australia to narrow it down to the very best sites for completing surveys online for money.

Australia has some really great paid online survey sites offering reliable cash from online surveys. Many of the sites offer multiple options to redeem rewards, with PayPal and bank transfer being just two of these.

Below you’ll find a list of the best sites that offer surveys for money Australia 2020. Or if you’re anxious to get started right now, I recommend you sign up to both Toluna and MyOpinions right now – two of the best options!

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Top Survey Sites That Pay Cash For Online Surveys 2020

SiteMin. WithdrawalRewardsJoin
Toluna$5PaypalSign Up
My Opinions$10PaypalSign Up
opinion$10PaypalSign Up
$50CashSign Up
MyView$20Gift Voucher*Sign Up
Swagbucks$5PaypalSign Up
Octopus Group$20Bank TransferSign Up
LifePoints$5PaypalSign Up

$10CashSign Up
$10PayPalSign Up
$10PayPalSign Up
$25+PayPalSign Up

* While MyView doesn’t pay cash (only gift vouchers) we included it anyway as it is a top survey site that is worth considering.

Legitimate Online Survey Websites

  • Toluna.  A huge international community with surveys that pay via PayPal.
  • MyOpinions.  Attach your PayPal account for easy cash transfers.
  • OpinionWorld.  You can withdraw cash via PayPal after earning $5 from online surveys.
  • YouGov.  High profile surveys that pay well and only take 10 minutes on average.
  • MyView. Many paid survey offers and plenty of gift cards on offer.
  • Swagbucks.  Pays via PayPal and offers loads of ways to earn points, surveys included.
  • Octopus Group.  Pays cash straight to your bank account. Earn up to $8 per survey.
  • LifePoints.  Get paid for surveys via PayPal as well as entry into monthly prize draws and shopping vouchers.
  • LiveTribe. A smaller community gaining momentum and offering surveys that pay cash.
  • MOBROG. Regular survey that pay via PayPal, paying $1-$5 on average.
  • Survey Junkie. Get points from Aussie surveys even when you don’t qualify.
  • iSurveyWorld. Pays via PayPal once you reach $25.

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Earning Cash From Online Surveys Australia

survey online paid

Why You Should Be Doing Online Surveys For Money

There are loads of sites offering legitimate paid surveys in Australia. There are companies that need consumers’ opinions and they’re willing to conduct paid market research to get it. Doing an online survey for money gives you a chance to be part of this and to earn some extra cash on the side.

The great thing about doing surveys for cash is that you won’t receive a gift card that can get lost in the mix, but cash allowing you to spend your earnings not only on luxuries but necessities too.

Remember something – most people aren’t patient enough to persist when they aren’t earning enough money. This gives you the advantage. The more surveys you do for cash, and the more you can present yourself as a valuable source of data, the more opportunities you’ll be given.

You can complete paid online surveys at home or on the go as many sites have apps to earn money online.

My advice remains the same as it always has – be as honest as possible and answer as many questions as you can. Don’t just sign up for any offer. If you’re still wondering are Aussie paid surveys safe, I recommend reading this article to avoid becoming victim to a survey scam. Or just use the list of survey sites on this site.

How Survey Sites Pay You In Cash

Something worth noting when you do a paid survey is that you won’t always be paid in the same way. Some sites pay via PayPal, some pay via bank transfer and others pay via cheque. You can usually choose which payment method best suits you.

From PayPal, you can either spend money online or transfer funds directly into your bank account. This is the method I prefer. I transfer bulk amounts into my PayPal account once monthly.

A bank transfer will require you to set up your bank details with the survey site so that a direct deposit can be made. I generally find that receiving money via PayPal is much faster than a bank transfer.

The final way to be paid is by cheque. Sometimes I will opt to receive a cheque, although this is lengthy and the number of online survey sites offering to pay via cheque is diminishing.

online paying surveys

How Much Can You Earn?

Some of these sites can pay the best rates for online surveys Australia offers. Although it’s not possible to give an exact figure of how much you can make from surveys, it is worth working out how much you’re willing to receive.

Time is money, and most survey sites will give an estimate of the cash you’ll receive for doing online surveys for money. You can expect better rates and more survey opportunities the more surveys you do, so don’t neglect offers early on.

Something else you need to be aware of is that sites that offer cash for online surveys are usually the most popular. Survey offers don’t last long, so you’ll need to be quick when you receive one.

If you treat it seriously, you’ll have the best chance of earning more through survey money making.

Do Online Surveys For Cash Australia Really Work?

Do online surveys for money work? Is taking online surveys for money worth it? In my experience, yes. However it’s important to be realistic.

Whilst nearly anyone can do online surveys for money, it doesn’t mean you’ll get rich and be able to quit your day job. Be realistic with your expectations.

What they can and should offer you are a good return on your time and some extra pocket money at the end of each week.

The Best Sites Offering Online Surveys For Cash

Want to know which online surveys pay cash? The sites below are the best survey websites that offer online surveys paid in cash. These are the top paid surveys Australia offers for cash and are all legitimate survey opportunities.


Not only does Toluna offer me the best paid surveys online, they also offer consistent surveys. There are plenty of opportunities to do online surveys for money. It was also one of the fastest online survey sites that I began to earn money from.

Toluna surveys pay great and in addition to a range of gift vouchers to choose from, they pay via PayPal. To be able to transfer your points to your PayPal account, you need to earn 60,000 points. For me this is usually between 8 – 12 surveys.

I always find lots of surveys waiting for me in the dashboard, and although there is a delay in receiving points, they usually come within a day or two. It’s by far one of the best sites I’ve used to get paid to do surveys.

Click here to join.


Another site Australian’s can make money online with surveys is MyOpinions.

I have found MyOpinions to pay well in comparison to how long surveys take. For example, a survey of 10 minutes paid me 50 points, and even if I was screened out, I would receive 20 points and a prize draw entry!

Survey offers quickly build up. Within a week I was regularly receiving offers for surveys paying up to $3 each for a minimal investment of my time.

The best part – you can easily attach your PayPal account for smooth withdrawls – and their loyalty program means the more surveys you complete, the more you earn. Pretty great!

Click here to join.

You can also find my full review here.

Opinion World

Opinion World is another of the survey sites Australia offers. It is easy to get started, with signup available via your Facebook or Google account.

It takes just $5, or 500 points in your account before you can withdraw points for cash. You can also get entry into quarterly prize draws with the chance to win up to $5000.

Be aware that some online paid surveys offer donations or prize draw entries instead of cash.

Click here to join.


Another site that allows you to redeem cash via PayPal is YouGov which makes making money with surveys simple. Sign up is simple and you’ll find yourself earning points pretty quickly.

I didn’t receive a huge amount of survey offers from this site, but it is still early days. Surveys can be done on your phone and are generally pretty short – usually only 5 to 10 minutes in length which makes them easy to complete.

There’s also a monthly prize draw in addition to opportunities to earn money from surveys.

Click here to join.



When it comes to being paid to do surveys, one of my personal favourite top paid survey site is MyView as I have found that they consistently offer the best paid surveys.  Plus they have a really simple to use website, which makes completing surveys easy.

I didn’t have too much success initially with MyView, but after a week or so the offers started rolling in. I now receive several top paid survey opportunities per week, sometimes daily.  They would definitely be up there with the highest paid surveys Australia offers. I can earn around $2 – $3 per survey with a survey usually taking around 15 – 25 minutes.

Every now and then, I’ll also get an offer to receive a $10 gift card from Giftpax for one survey instead of points. It’s hard to deny that this is great value.

What makes MyView one of my favourite survey sites is just how regular the survey offers are. Plus the website is easy to use, and I’m always told upfront how long a survey will take to complete as well as what I’ll earn.  Definitely check this one out.

Click here to join.


Swagbucks is a site where you can make money doing surveys from the get go. There are so many ways to earn points. Just for signing up I earned $5!

Their PayPal transfers start from $25 which is equal to 2500 SB (their points system). Points are transferable to cash via PayPal.

You can earn SB from a range of activities, just one of those them being surveys. You may be asked to watch a series of videos, to answer the daily poll or to download an app. They’re a great site that offers lots of different ways to earn points which keeps it super interesting.

Click here to join.


Australians can now join LifePoints and get paid for surveys online. Within a few days of signing up I had stacks of opportunities to make money for surveys waiting for me in my inbox.

The surveys are fun, most pay over 100 points and payment is via PayPal. You are also entered into their monthly prize draw if you answer surveys for money.

There is also the opportunity to earn points (and thus cash) from other activities like keeping an activity journal or reviewing products.

I don’t find them to be the best paying site, but they do send me plenty of survey offers which are quick and easy to complete and the payout figure is low. There is also nothing better than getting actual cash for surveys.

Click here to join.

Octopus Group

One of the highest paying survey sites is Octopus Group. Relative to the amount of time it takes to complete surveys, they pay some of the best rates in Australia.

Sign up can be with your mobile and there is an app you can use to complete surveys. The app is great as it means you can still do a survey online while you’re away from a computer such as on the train or bus.

They pay cash via bank deposit, so you need to provide them with you BSB and Account Number.

A great thing about Octopus Group is that cash doesn’t expire – it exists as long as you’re a member. You can even earn up to $20 just for referring a friend.

Click here to join.


LiveTribe is quickly gaining momentum among Australian paid survey sites so I had to try it out. There’s many things I do like about this site and a few that I don’t.

To start with the positives, sign up was a breeze, requiring just a few personal details. I instantly earned 500 points which I was then just as quickly able to donate to charity (which has become one of my favourite ways to redeem survey points). I also received entry into their quarterly prize draw for $5000.

They also offer online games to pass the time and a small online forum discussing interesting social issues.

These are all great, but what about the surveys? Since I’ve signed up I’ve only participated in a few surveys, and whilst they’ve paid well, it hasn’t been enough to redeem any real prizes yet.

However, I still recommend signing up to this site to establish yourself early as it’s likely to gain popularity soon!

Click here to join.



Another Australian survey site is MOBROG. This site is flexible and easy to use and they have a great mobile app which makes completing surveys on the go really easy.

One thing I like with MOBROG is there is no confusing point system – you simply earn cash for completing surveys.  Once you reach the required threshold, you simply transfer the money to your bank account.  Super easy for anyone wanting to do surveys for cash.

Like most survey sites, you can expect to earn around $1 to $5 per survey, with the longer surveys earning more cash. Also, MOBROG provides the opportunity to win free stuff which is a good incentive to keep on completing surveys.

So MOBROG is certainly another legitimate Australian survey site you might consider joining.

Click here to join.

Survey Junkie

The next Aussie paid surveys review is of Survey Junkie. This site is quickly gaining popularity for offering some of the best paid online surveys Australia offers.

Like most online paid surveys Australia companies, this site awards points when you complete surveys for money, which you can use to get paid for online surveys via PayPal.

The good thing about Survey Junkie is that unlike many Australian online surveys, this site will award you points even when you don’t qualify for a survey. They also have a super low withdrawal threshold of $10, which means you can get paid to take surveys sooner.

For some of the highest paying surveys that pay money, Survey Junkie is among the best survey sites Australia offers.

Click here to join.

iSurvey World

Due to several requests for a SurveyWorld Australia review, I finally signed up and completed their money surveys.

Upon signing up, and before you do surveys for money, you receive $5 which was swiftly applied to my account. I then proceeded to complete my first survey for cash. It took a long time and compared to other sites, they don’t really offer the highest paid surveys.

I haven’t completed enough of their surveys to earn money to receive a payment yet. It did seem their cash for surveys Australia may be better suited to Spanish speakers. Even so, I included it in my list of best paid online surveys Australia because other people seem to have more success.

Among Aussie surveys, this site isn’t my favourite, but if you are a Spanish speaker perhaps you’ll have more luck getting paid to do surveys with them!

Click here to join.

What Do You Think?

wdyt paid surveys australia

What Do You Think? is another top paid surveys Australia option. It is easy to get started, and the huge bonus with this Australian survey site is that you earn $5 in credit just for filling in your profile.

It’s a new survey company in Australia which means that there is a great chance to get lots of survey offers while member numbers (competition!) are low.

It takes $25 in credit before you can withdraw. You can do this via bank transfer (our favourite) or gift voucher. They have many gift voucher options including iTunes, Woolworths, Myer and JB Hi-Fi.

What is great is that cash doesn’t expire and you can get great bonuses if you refer your friends to the program.

My favourite part so far though is that I get plenty of surveys to fill in. They actually promise one per day and so far they have exceeded that promise.

Click here to join.

Have you had success with any of these Australia paid surveys sites? I’d love to hear your experience doing surveys to earn money in the comments below.

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I also recommend checking out Nielsen Homescan which is a similar deal and Nielsen Mobile here where you get paid just by using your mobile!

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You can also read our list of ways to make money from home here or win free stuff here.

Want to learn about other paid survey sites in Australia? Read about other sites like Valued Opinions that offer paid surveys.


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