Survey Sites For Australians 2022: Swagbucks Review

When doing online surveys, I am not only trying to earn a few extra bucks – but also spend my time in a somewhat meaningful and productive way.

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Swagbucks is definitely at the top of my list for survey sites that earn me money online while also being a fun way to spend my time. Aside from completing surveys, Swagbucks offers lots of ways to earn and redeem points like watching videos, shopping online, downloading and playing games and more. Swagbucks is also one of the most popular sites for their rewards system and loyalty program.

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Making Money with Swagbucks 2021


How regular are their survey offers?

After a successful signup and a few days of membership, survey offers started to pile up in my dashboard. I would actually find myself not knowing which ones to complete first as not only are surveys presented, but many other ways to earn money as well.

Only your email address and basic personal information are needed to join the Swagbucks community. Signing up is really simple and smooth once you’re able to verify your email address.

How do you earn points?

What makes Swagbucks unique and at an advantage over the traditional survey site is how you can earn your ‘Swagbucks’ or SB points.

They offer members many options of earning these SB points, from surveys, watching videos, games and a bunch more. Even shopping online can earn you points.

I got my first few SB points just for a successful signup!

How much do they pay?

When doing any survey offer, your pay totally depends on the type of survey and the estimated time to complete it. Just like with any other survey site, consistency is the key to getting a higher pay every time. And with Swagbucks loyalty program, you are sure to be getting better rewards as time goes by.

Surveys take around 15-30 minutes to complete and usually equal 60-120 SB points. 100 SB points = $1.

They may not offer the best paid surveys but what makes joining Swagbucks worthwhile are the many ways you can earn points – not limiting yourself to just online surveys.

How to redeem points?

Once you accumulate enough SB points, you can easily redeem points for rewards. The amount of points requires depends on the reward you choose.

The best option for me is to get pay via PayPal.

Swagbucks also allows you to redeem points for Amazon vouchers and other awesome gift cards. You can also choose to donate points with charity gift cards or SB points converted donations.

Things to note

Swagbucks is one of my favorite sites to earn money online. With its huge range of offers, they make earning money online fun and exciting.

Check out their wonderful offers and rewards for yourself so you can decide if signing up with Swagbucks is worth your time.

Summary – 4.0/5

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