Survey Sites For Australians: Rewardia Review 2022

Another site I’ve been getting quite involved with lately is Rewardia. This site is certainly interesting. Unlike other survey panels where you can be waiting quite a while to receive a survey offer, Rewardia literally instantly opens you up to a whole host of survey offers.

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There is a catch however – you aren’t guaranteed to be suitable for every survey. There’s things I really quite like, and other things I don’t really like from this site.

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Making Money with Rewardia – Rewardia Review 2022

How regular are their survey offers?

As stated above, when you join Rewardia you’re literally opening yourself up to a whole world of survey offers which means regularity of surveys is never an issue with this site. What can be an issue, however, is whether or not you’re suitable for the survey you’re completing.

You see, Rewardia isn’t the best site for matching appropriate surveys to the appropriate user. There seems to be almost no way to find surveys that are suitable for you until you actually enter the survey and start the process. They are also all different, making this site more like a router site.

While it can be frustrating to find a good survey offer, it can also pay off. Some surveys pay very well and you can always see how much they’re worth and the time that they’re expected to take you.

How do you earn points?

The main way to earn points with this site is surveys. However as mentioned above, it can be tricky to secure one. There’s usually some form of pre-survey screening before a survey so at least you never get too far in before you are screened out.

You’ll also receive 100 points when you sign up (the equivalent to a measly 10 cents).

They also have a promo centre, offer some games and have forums where you can earn a very few extra points. They also state that you can earn points via videos. However, I’m yet to do this.

How much do they pay?

Surveys pay in points with 1000 points equivalent to $1. Rewardia has a whole range of surveys paying different rates, and I must say I have never received entry into the higher paying ones – but after a month I have nearly made it to the $5 mark and am nearly ready for a voucher!

I know this isn’t great, but this site just doesn’t seem to enjoy my demographic – you might have more luck!

How to redeem points?

Rewardia’s reward centre is quite good. They offer a range of gift vouchers which start from just $5. However as stated above, this can take a little while to make.

If you’re looking for cash, you’ll be waiting much longer. Their cash withdrawal rate is $50. You can then transfer this into your bank account.

Things to note

Rewardia is one of the few sites that allows signup for teens. You can sign up to Rewardia as long as you are an Australian and over the age of 13 years old. However, if you’re under the age of 18 you will need a parent/guardians permission to join.

Rewardia also offers a referral program where you can earn more points for referring friends to the site using a unique link that they give you.

Summary – 3.0/5

I must say I haven’t yet earnt enough points to redeem a reward from this site. While they have plenty of appealing rewards, sifting through their surveys to find a suitable one can be frustrating. They also have quite a high cash withdrawal threshold.

However, when you haven’t receive any other survey offers from other sites for a while, at least you’ll know Rewardia has surveys on the dashboard where you can at least try to earn some extra cash!

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