Random Sites I’ve Used to Make Money

There’s no doubt that there are many sites on the internet that make big claims but fail deliver.

To be honest I’ve had my fair share of experiences with sites like this. I’m always looking for ways to supplement my income and this is the main why reason I love paid surveys. It’s one of the only methods I’ve used that’s been able to provide me with consistent income online. Plus, out of all the methods I’ve used they require the least effort.

However there are other sites that I’ve used to earn money in other ways, some of which I still occasionally use.


Upwork is like Seek for the internet. It is a website that helps companies/brands/websites/whatever look for people to do a job for them online. I say ‘a job’ because the work is not consistent. You are hired as a freelancer and usually only for one job at a time.

Initially I enjoyed using Upwork as they were one of the first opportunities I had to work online. I would get paid around $25-35 to write an article for a website/blog that would take me anywhere from an hour to 3 hours.

I found it got more competitive very quickly and as time went on I began using it less and less – now I don’t use it. Plus I don’t really enjoy having to write about things I don’t care about or have any knowledge in, but I know that it works for some people. Plus there are loads of other ways to make money than just writing.


If you’re unfamiliar with Fiverr, it is a site where you can buy/sell a service for $5 (this is in USD), however many jobs are listed for more particularly when they provide extra services. I find Fiverr really easy to use and make money – even though it’s not consistent. When you do get offers however, so long as you do what you say you will, you’ll get paid.

I was initially started writing 500 words for $5 – you have to start somewhere! Plus it’s a good idea to have a few quality reviews under your belt before you charge more. I can now charge a fair bit more and I do enjoy the work I do. Plus I now use it to buy jobs too. It’s actually quite impressive the things you can find listed on there!


Another online freelancing site I’ve used is Freelancer. It is pretty much the same as Upwork. I had a bit more success with Upwork than I did with Freelancer, but I had the same issue of getting bored writing things that didn’t mean anything to me and feeling like I was being underpaid. I reckon if it weren’t so expensive to live in Australia I’d be more inclined to work harder at it – but now I prefer to focus my time on things that I know will make me money.

What sites do you use to make money online? Let me know in the comments below.