Paid Surveys Australia: The Top Sites Offering Surveys for Money

online paid surveys Australia

If you’ve heard anything about paid online surveys then you’ll know there are plenty of opinions out there, and it’s time I added my own. I’ve had experience with the majority of the majority of the best survey sites Australia offers – and I’ve been successful.

Online surveys are no longer just a way to get a earn a gift voucher here and there. You can actually make decent money getting paid to do surveys, and although you still need to be realistic I don’t think anybody wouldn’t mind an extra $100-300 a week. With new survey sites popping up all the time offering competitive rates, these figures are entirely possible.

But can online survey earn money for you? Absolutely!

Want to get started right now?

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I’ve written this guide to help others find legitimate paid surveys Australia offers. If completing surveys for cash appeals to you then now’s the time to get started as there are now more survey sites than ever waiting to pay you for your opinions. Read how to find the best paid surveys Australia offers and how to do surveys for money below.

Compare the Top Paid Survey Sites

SitePoints = $1Min. WithdrawalRewardsJoin
Toluna3000$5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
Swagbucks100$5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
Octopus Group$$20Bank TransferSign Up
Global Test Market Panel200$10Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
MyView100$20Gift VoucherSign Up
My Opinions100$10Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
opinion100$10Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
MySurvey110$5Gift Voucher + PayPalSign Up

Finding Paid Online Surveys Australia

What is a Paid Survey?

Some of you may still be stuck figuring out what exactly paid surveys online are.

Basically, a paid survey is a survey that you complete where you are paid for the time it takes, and for your participation in the research. The surveys themselves can vary greatly in length, topic and rewards.

The survey sites themselves can also offer more ways than just survey to earn money. Some give you points for simply watching a video, and you can even earn cash by referring friends.

paid surveys at home

Anyone can get paid for surveys online so long as you have an internet connection and some spare time. However, you wont always be allowed to continue on if you don’t meet the target demographic of the survey.

Some sites are also country specific which can limit Australians but some survey sites that operate out of the US do reward Australia. The sites reviewed here all offer paid online surveys in Australia.

Why do you get Paid to do Surveys?

The first thing people often think of when they hear about making money online is SCAM – and it’s a fair judgement to make. There are FAR more scams out there than there are legitimate offers including survey site scams.

So what makes legitimate online surveys different? Why do they pay for your time? Well, when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Survey sites have learned to make use of the internet to conduct their market research. This allows them to survey a huge amount of people – more than they would ever have the ability to survey in person.

top 10 best paid surveys australia review

Companies are willing to conduct paid market research online and pay you money for surveys to save them the expense of having to survey large numbers of people externally.

But the main reason is that surveying people is expensive, which opens the doors for you to complete surveys for money.

The companies that conduct this research aren’t ignorant – they understand that your time is valuable and often the only way to incentivise people to legitimately complete surveys is to reimburse them for their time and effort, which equals more online surveys paid to you!

Join up to Toluna and get started right now!

How Much can you Actually Earn with Online Surveys?

Too many paid surveys reviews gloss over this point, but I think it’s very important because 1. It’s the main reason most people do online surveys and 2. your time is valuable and you should know how much it’s worth.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to how much you’ll get paid to do surveys as it really depends on how many offers you are getting. This is another reason why you shouldn’t only join one site as you’ll be limited by the number of surveys they offer you.

The best I can do to answer this is to use my own experience.

When I first signed up for Australian paid surveys, I signed up to 3 companies – Toluna, MyView and Swagbucks. Initially I had the most success with Swagbucks and Toluna and within a week I had earned $30. This was because I only completed a few surveys and watched a few videos on Swagbucks.

While I didn’t think this was amazing, it made me realise there is earning potential. I signed up to more survey sites and began to receive more opportunities.

paid survey australia

By the end of the month, I had earned $165 just by doing paid surveys at home. This was with very little experience. Now, I earn a lot more. I regularly receive rewards upwards of $200 a week (a combination of gift cards and cash).

It’s important to note a few things about surveys that pay money.

Firstly, as with most things in life you need to be consistent to have success. Don’t give up after earning little the first week. It takes time for survey companies to build their list of surveys for you based on your profile and availability.

You may also receive offers one week to take surveys to earn money and none next – this is normal, and why I recommend signing up to several sites.

You should also be realistic with the rewards you’re willing to accept. Cash is great but not all survey sites offer this. The ones that do are listed here.

Gift cards be of equal or sometimes even greater value – and the sites frequently have great offers on these.

How to Make Money from Online Surveys

paid surveys in australia

If you want to be paid for surveys online, you need a strategy.

My strategy has been to sign up to a large number of sites so that I always have a survey waiting for me to complete. This seems to have resulted in the most success.

It’s important to remember that not all survey sites are created equally. Some surveys will be worth more of your time than others based solely on the amount they pay. This is why I’ve only listed the sites that I believe pay the best for your time.

You should also keep in mind that points you earn are cumulative. Even if you receive a single survey offer per month, you’ll begin building points which can eventually earn you quite a bit of money.

Below are some steps you should take if you want to make money from surveys.

1. Don’t rely on a single site

One of the mistakes I see people making is assuming that one survey site will do.Granted, I have more success with some sites than others, but the only reason I know this is because I signed up to several sites at the beginning. You need to do this to see which sites work best for you and get an idea of how to complete surveys in the best way.

Want to get started? Sign up to Octopus Group right now.

2. Fill out ALL profile information

Don’t leave anything blank! It’s the ONLY way to receive offers and cash for surveys. Most of the information is pretty general anyway, but I still recommend you fill it in.

3. Set up notifications

I recommend you always ave notifications of survey offers set up so you never miss out on the best online surveys. You can nearly always do this via email and sometimes even via SMS. Some of the best paying surveys reach their quota quickly, so it’s the best way to ensure you’re completing the best offers.

4. Put effort into your surveys

A lot of the time it’s not just demographics that make you suitable for a survey. If you’re seen as someone who does reliable surveys, you’ll likely stand out from the rest and receive more offers and better offers. It’s a simple matter of quality over quantity.

Now that you know what you do, here’s where to do it. You will find reviews of the best survey sites in Australia below so that you can earn money from surveys today.

As a bonus, sometimes survey companies offer great bonuses for signing up.

Reviews of the Top Paid Survey Sites Australia

Read about the best survey websites in Australia with our paid survey finder review below. These are all legitimate sites that allow you to get paid for doing surveys.


top 10 best paid surveys review

Starting with a well known site, Toluna is one of the most popular sites around the world and we’re lucky enough to have them in Australia. They’ve been operating long enough now that they’ve built a good reputation for themselves – and rightly so.

When I first joined Toluna I found that I had great success. As soon as I signed up I had surveys that I could complete so the opportunity to earn money was there immediately. Plus, after every survey they give you’re offered a mini survey to help you further complete your profile which you receive 100 points for.

Most surveys will earn you anywhere between 3000 – 9000 points which is the equivalent of $1 to $3.

The only issue I had was a delay between completing surveys and receiving points as they aren’t applied immediately. It took a short while to receive points from surveys I had completed, but I did eventually receive them. It just meant that I was waiting longer to get paid for online surveys.

For me the best part of Toluna however is the amount of ways to redeem points. They easily have one of the best point redemption systems which allow you to get paid to take surveys in anyway you see fit.

Sign up to Toluna today by clicking here.

Global Test Market Panel

There’s a few sites we’re very lucky to now have in Australia as they give us the opportunity to earn great cash online. If there’s something I love about Global Test Market Panel, it’s that earning money with them can happen fast.

After signing up, I was flooded with survey offers which were quite well paid. Each survey can earn you between about 100 – 200 LifePoints and more, which can equate to about $2 per survey for just a few minutes of your time.

Global Test Market Panel is a US based company and rewards are listed in USD, but they do have a good selection of Australian gift cards to choose from. You’ll also be able to choose to have cash transfered into your Paypal account, and there’s also the option to receive a cheque when you’ve accumulated enough points.

But for me, the best thing about them is definitely their regular survey offers.

Sign up to Global Test Market Panel here.


top paid surveys

Although not strictly an Australian site, Swagbucks proves that you can earn money doing surveys online from sites outside of Australia.

As this list focuses of Aussie paid surveys review I’ll only focus on the things relevant to Australians. You’ll find that this site is a bit different – there are loads of ways to earn money and calling them a survey site doesn’t quite fit.

Sign up is one of the simplest I’ve experienced for a survey site and it’s clear that many of the ways you can earn money don’t require too much details from you at all.

For example, just for joining I received $5 as they had a bonus offer running. However, the catch was that to earn this $5 I had to first earn 2500 SB – SB being their equivalent of points. SB – SB is their equivalent of points where 100 is equal to $1.

This wasn’t hard to do but it was time consuming. A 20 minute survey can earn you between 60 – 80 points, watching a video can earn you around 1 – 3 points and downloading an app could earn you 100. By referring friends I had the opportunity to earn $5 and even shopping through them can earn you points.

With Swagbucks you can do more than just take surveys for cash. They offer multiple ways for you to earn money with surveys being just one of them. It’s worth checking out for yourself.

Sign up to Swagbucks by clicking here.


paid surveys online australia

MyView has become one of my personal favorite survey sites as I have found that they consistenly offer the best paid online surveys for me. I do believe some survey sites are better for some people than others, and this is part of why I think Ive had such success with MyView.

I also enjoy how simple things are. I didn’t have too much success initially with MyView, but after a week or so the offers started rolling in. I now receive several survey offers per week, sometimes daily, and they would definitely be up there with the highest paid surveys online. I can earn around $2 – $3 survey money per survey with a survey usually taking around  15 – 25 minutes.

Every now and then I’ll also get an offer to also receive a $10 gift card from Giftpax for one survey instead of points. It’s hard to deny that this is great value.

What makes MyView one of the highest paying survey sites for me is just how regular the survey offers are. In addition to this, the website is clear and easy to use, I’m told how long a survey is and how much I’ll be paid and points are applied instantly.

Sign up to MyView today.

Octopus Group

best paid survey site australia

Claiming to be the highest paying online survey provider in Australia is Octopus Group. This claim raises some eyebrows among people and even leaves some people wondering ‘is octopus group legit?’

Let’s start at the beginning. Unlike most survey sites which use your email address as a login, Octopus surveys use your mobile number. There is no doubt that this can make some people a little anxious, but rest assured I haven’t received any marketing offers or sales calls.

Plenty of survey site reviews focus on negatives, and Octopus Group Australia reviews aren’t immune to this – but I can’t say I agree! Their introduction survey alone earned me $1.50 straight from the get go.

It is far too easy to become discouraged when you first sign up to a survey site and don’t see surveys available to complete – and this was my experience with Octopus Group. It took several days for the surveys to build up, but once they did their claim rang true – they offered me one of the best pay rates I’ve seen and some Octopus Group reviews have even claimed to earn over $15 an hour!

In addition to the site, Octopus Group heavily use their app which can be convenient to do online surveys for money when you’re not near a desktop/laptop. Transferring cash is also easy and fast.

If a survey site should be anything, it should be easy to use, fast, offer rewards we want and pay that we deem worth our time – and they deliver. The many great Octopus Group reviews are the best evidence of this.

Sign up for Octopus Group surveys today.


australia paid surveys

As their name implies, MyOpinions is another site where you can get paid for your opinion. I found there to be plenty of opportunities for getting paid for surveys with MyOpinions – I earned 50 points just for completing my profile information. ‘

Something I love about MyOpinions is the simplicity. You can link you PayPal account directly to the website for even easier payments. The minimum redemption for PayPal is 2000 – or $20.

I was impressed with the survey offers as there were heaps to complete when I signed up. Initially I completed a survey for 50 points which only took 10 minutes – and even if I was screened out I was going to receive 20 points and a prize draw entry to earn $5000!

Shortly after this I received an offer to complete a survey for 270 points, and then a survey for 220 points and THEN a survey for 170 points!

You can even earn points for referring people and from the loyalty program – the higher your status the more points you’ll earn per week.

You can redeem your points by choosing a gift card that best suits you. Although this isn’t cash, it’s definitely the next best thing.

Sign up to MyOpinions today.


australian paid survey sites

Opinion World is the next top paid survey site and offers a reliable way to make money with surveys.

Getting started is easy. Sign up is really quick and can be done with a Google or Facebook account. I also earned 50 points by completing my profile.

Using their interface is simple and appealing and I like that they have mini questions on the side so that you always feel like you’re doing something. You don’t get to see all the surveys available like some sites but instead click on “take a survey” when you’re ready.

Some surveys wont give you points and instead give you a prize draw and donation to charity – not that this is a bad thing! Pay can differ between surveys, but note that 1 point is 1 cent. PayPal payments can be withdrawn when you have 500 points – or $5. There are also other gift cards to choose from.

In addition to doing a survey for money there is a quarterly $5000 giveaway, news and badges to keep you motivated.

Sign up to OpinionWorld today.


money online paid survey

Another top survey site is MySurvey. A big reason for this is their loyalty program – basically, the more surveys you complete, the more you’ll get paid and the more prizes you’ll be eligible for.

The site is simple to navigate and offers a few things to keep you interested. Initial signup requests a few extra details, including your address, and you’re then shown an introduction video of how to use the site, as well as your first survey online.

The first surveys I had to complete were lifestyle ones aimed at getting to know me better. I earned 50 points for this and it was pretty much the equivalent of completing profile information. The surveys themselves weren’t available to complete immediately but when they came I could made a few dollars in an hour which was fair.

Other My Survey reviews have suggested that around 110 – 120 points is equal to $1. I say seems as it depends on the gift card you purchase. You can also be paid via PayPal meaning your points can be transferred for cash, however some MySurvey paid survey reviews have had issues redeeming points for cash via PayPal

Another My Survey Australia review pointed out that some surveys wont pay you points, but instead give you an entry into the prize draw so this is something to be aware of with My Survey Australia.

Sign up to My Survey Australia today.

Which Survey Site is the Best?

For me, it’s Toluna. I’ve consistently made great money with Toluna and as they pay via Paypal, I’ve found their process super simple. They are the one company I can consistently withdraw money from each week.

My next favourites are Octopus Group and Swagbucks.

However this certainly isn’t the case for everyone and the rewards may not be suitable for everyone either. Many people seem to have success with other survey sites. The only way to if a site is right for you is to try it out.

Next Step

cash paid surveys australia

Now that you know a bit about the top survey sites and how to make the most of surveys for money Australia offers, you can begin to earn money with paid surveys. If you want to get paid for market research, or get paid for surveys online, you need a strategy.

Here’s what I recommend…

1.    Try to sign up to 3 online survey jobs this week and see what each one offers you
2.    Fill out basic information on each profile
3.    Don’t judge by the first few days! It’s important to give the site a chance. If you’re not having success with one site after a week, sign up to another site.

There is a right way to do online surveys. If you’re patient and consistent then I have no doubt that soon you’ll be able to share in the earnings from paid surveys.

Other ways to make money easily

Another way you can get some extra rewards which is somewhat similar to surveys is by scanning your groceries.

Research companies also want to know what people buy in their weekly shop and, by telling them, you can earn gift vouchers and go into prize drawers.

IRI Shopper Panel gives you a bonus $20 gift voucher just for getting started!

You can join up to them here.

I also recommend checking out Homescan which is a similar deal.

I’d love to hear if any of you have also been having success with online surveys Australia. What sites do you use to earn money? Let me know in the comments below, and any other survey sites that you use that I have missed.

Want to read about more survey sites? Read about online surveys that pay cash here.