How to do Paid Online Surveys the RIGHT Way

I’ve now been completing online surveys for a couple of years, and if it isn’t already obvious I’ll tell you now – I’m a massive fan of online surveys. I’ve been lucky enough to receive consistent offers which are only getting better.

There are also new sites popping up and ever more opportunities to earn some decent money from online surveys, but I think it’s important to remember that success is about chasing the right goal.

Long term success depends on how consistent you are with your surveys, how many sites you are signed up to and how frequently you complete surveys.

Often paid surveys get a bad rep with people not only saying that they aren’t legitimate, but that the sites are downright scams.

I can say unequivocally that paid surveys I use are NOT scams.

Scams do exist and its worth being aware of them so that you can avoid them. But just because you don’t earn money with one survey site does not make it a scam. I have earned money with surveys, but I have also earned gift cards and vouchers.

The surveys aren’t always regular and some survey sites take longer to apply points than others, but I have never had an issue in all this time.

A big problem for so many people is their unwillingness to be be patient. The very nature of the internet is speedy as we demand everything with a click, but don’t be fooled into thinking earning money should be the same.

Here’s how you can become a better survey participant by doing online surveys the right way.

If you want to earn money with paid surveys, you need to be patient

I get quite irritated whenever I hear people saying that survey sites are a scam simply because they do not receive instantaneous rewards, or better yet, become an instant millionaire.

Here’s something to note:

Legitimate survey sites will NEVER claim to be a way for you to get rich quick.

In fact, if you read through the FAQ of a survey site very often they will let you know that it would be wrong to do paid surveys online just to expect this to happen.

You simply HAVE to be flexible if you want to earn money with surveys, and you have to be patient. Survey sites can take time to build up offers for you.

If you want to receive regular surveys, be a good participant

Conducting surveys is actually expensive business – and you don’t want to waste the companies time. Any survey you complete where you simply tick a random answer in every criteria will quickly show.

There are measures in place to ensure you don’t answer surveys this way and you will see in individual surveys that the questions often try and trick you up by rewording things in a slightly different way. Inconsistency will not look good on your part.

After all, they want your opinion – and a valid one at that. Nothing in life comes free and you are being paid for your time – so treat it seriously.

This is a big reason to which I owe my success with online surveys – I always take every survey I do seriously. I answer as honestly and carefully as I can and I ensure my answers represent my true thoughts.

Decide what awards you are willing to accept

It can be tempting to discount any survey site that doesn’t offer the option of cash. Obviously, cash is the most fluid and most relevant thing for most people to receive – but you aren’t always in control of what you can earn and you can miss out on some great offers by not being flexible.

I’ve said before that one site I use offers me gift cards half price, meaning I get double value for my points. While they don’t pay cash, if I wasn’t flexible I wouldn’t receive these offers.

Treat it as a job – not just a hobby

Taking surveys takes your time – and after all this is what you are really being paid for as the cost of completing each survey for you is time. Therefore you should do your best to set aside time for surveys offers that do arise.

By dedicating a bit of time, you’ll be able to give better answers and perhaps even finish faster than the estimated time!

Ensure you allow email/SMS notification

This is a big one. Often surveys have a time and capacity limit, so you want to get in quick as soon as the survey is available. But how will you know when to complete them? I always receive email notification whenever I have a survey to complete, but some sites don’t do this by default!

Some sites also offer SMS reminders which can be good for those that aren’t always great for keeping on top of their emails.

Final thing to note

Don’t be discouraged just because you aren’t eligible to complete a survey. This happens frequently, and while it can be disheartening to forgo a big reward it also makes room for better surveys to come along.

These are the steps I take to have success with online surveys. Now it’s your turn!