Survey Sites For Australians: Octopus Group Review 2022

I’ve been completing paid surveys for a few years now and know exactly where to find legitimate paid surveys Australia, but if you’re just starting out, I recommend Octopus Group.

This site claims to have the highest paying online surveys Australia offers, which means earning a side income has never been so easy and convenient.

This site offers high paying surveys which let you voice your opinion and make extra money at the same time. It offers great value for my time!

But there are many sites where you can do surveys for money Australia, so how does Octopus Group compare? In this Aussie paid survey review, we cover exactly how to make money with Octopus Group so you know exactly what to expect.

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Making Money with Octopus Group

How regular are their survey offers?

Almost as soon as I registered with Octopus Group, I received a notification to complete a few surveys right away. Compared to other online survey Australia sites, this is fast!

You can receive these notifications in three ways: via their mobile app, via email or by logging onto their website. I find their app more convenient and the fastest way to receive notifications.

It also means I can complete surveys on the go while on the bus or during my lunch break.

Registration is free with minimal hassle. You simply enter your details, receive a confirmation to confirm your identity with a SMS token and you’re good to go.

As for how many surveys I usually receive, I received the most survey offers early on. I’m yet to receive a lot of offers from this site, but the ones that have suited me have indeed paid well.

How do you earn points?

Octopus group does not pay with points unlike most other best paid online surveys Australia. You simply earn real cash for surveys.

Just like any other survey site, you get to make money with Octopus Group by participating in their online surveys. You can also receive a small cash incentive from them if you’re disqualified from surveys early on.

What also makes Octopus Group a great site for me is their referral system. By simply inviting a friend to join via their app or site and earn up to $20. That is, $1 for each friend who joins and $1 for each of the first 19 surveys they complete.

How much do they pay?

Cash rewards depend on the length of the survey. The longer it is, the greater the reward you get. Pay for each survey ranges from $4 -$8.

Octopus Group claims to pay the highest rate compared to any other survey sites in Australia. The more surveys you complete, the faster you’ll earn cash.

How to redeem points?

You can redeem your cash rewards via a bank transfer by logging into your account and going to the redemption section.

Note though that it is only possible to withdraw cash if you have more than $20 on your account. When this happens, you simply enter the amount you wish to transfer together with your bank details. You will then receive an SMS with a 6-digit code to enter on the site for security reasons.

Once done, the money should be in your account within 30 days depending on your bank.

Octopus Group also allows you to use your online cash to buy e-gifts with their discounted gift vouchers.

Things to note

I can only speak so much of the perks and benefits of joining Octopus Group. Their cash-based system is my main reason for using them. They are also super transparent, easy to use and safe.

As always, you need to be patient when waiting for surveys to complete as they are carefully selected. Once you have been notified, act on it immediately to receive the best cash rewards they offer.

Summary – 4.5/5

Although I haven’t received a huge amount of surveys from Octopus Group, the ones I have received were indeed some of the highest paid online surveys I’ve received.

Simply put, they offer some of the best return for your time.

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