Survey Sites For Australians 2022: MyView Review

MyView is one of my favourite online survey sites at present. With over 3 million members worldwide, I have had some great personal success using it, and many other Australian’s have found the same.

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Apart from the site’s user-friendly interface, it is MyView’s instant rewards system that separates them among other survey sites online. And by instant, I mean that points and rewards are transferred straight to your account. No waiting or follow-ups needed. Isn’t that great?

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Making Money with MyView 2021

How regular are their survey offers?

Signing up with MyView was an easy-breezy process and is free just like other most legitimate sites online. You are only asked your email address, gender and postcode upon signup together with some other info.

You can start completing surveys for points right after you register with them. In my experience, surveys weren’t immediately available and only started to pile up after a couple of days.

After a few days of being signing up with MyView, I started receiving about 1 survey offer per day. This is totally different from what their website states which is that most people receive around 4 surveys per month. You can set it up to receive notifications whenever new surveys are available.

How do you earn points?

Just like most of paid survey sites, you earn points in MyView by participating in their surveys. And I can say this has been one of the easiest ways to earn points. It only takes about 15-30 minutes to answer one and you receive around 100-300 points per survey. Most people would also attest that surveys here in MyView are fun, visually appealing and as the site promised, every day offers a different experience.

Whenever you answer surveys, you also receive an entry to their monthly draws and get the chance to win a share of $2000.

Also, if you enjoy the feeling of being part of a community, you can participate in their polls so that you could contribute to the group and receive great rewards at the same time.

How much do they pay?

A great points system is what makes MyView one of the best and most preferred paid survey sites not only in Australia but worldwide. You get notified for each available survey on the user dashboard, how long and how much each survey offers both in points and dollar value.

What they pay depends on how long the survey is presumed to take to complete, but usually 100 points is equivalent to $1 and most surveys are worth 100-300 points, so start your computation as it is worth it.

There are also special offers where certain quizzes are worth a $10 gift card. Some cards are valued better than others.

How to redeem points?

MyView offers a variety of ways to redeem your points if you have around 1000-2000 in your account (depending on the reward type).

There are a range of great gift cards to choose from in the rewards section. One important thing to note though is that MyView doesn’t pay in cash.

You can immediately get the electronic gift cards compared to others that might take longer to process. One example is the GiftPax gift card which is a great value for me as you can instantly redeem a $20 gift voucher if you have 1000 points. You can also use your points to donate to your chosen charity.

Things to note

Survey sites offer different values and rewards for their members. As for MyView it’s worth remembering that they do not pay in cash. This might not appeal to everyone but overall, MyView is brilliant for me as they pay great for the time spent in answering their surveys, the surveys themselves are fun and thought-provoking and they also have an active community for you to participate in.

Summary – 4.0/5

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