Survey Sites For Australians: MySurvey Review 2022

Note: MySurveys has merged with Global Test Market and now is called LifePoints. LifePoints is great and incorporates the best of both previous survey programs with payouts from $5. Join here now!

I’ve spoken about many survey sites on this site where you can do online surveys for money. One of my new favourite paid survey sites is MySurvey. This site differs from many sites in that it uses a membership program to offer high incentives. The more surveys you complete, the higher your membership level becomes and the more you get paid.

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This not only means you get better rates per survey, but you also get additional entries into prize draws and sweepstakes – and you can easily turn My Survey points to cash.

But is MySurvey legit? Is MySurvey safe to use? And how much money can you make on MySurvey?

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Making Money with MySurveys – MySurvey Review 2021

How regular are their survey offers?

When I first signed up to MySurvey Australia, I was immediately instructed to complete an introductory “Lifestyle” survey. This online survey earned me 50 points in just a few minutes, and it was aimed at garnering surveys catered towards my interests.

After this, My Survey Australia sent several surveys as frequently as they became available – usually one every few days.

They aren’t the most regular surveys but I do find that they are scarcely ever at full capacity, so they’re usually always there for me to complete.

They surveys themselves can be pretty fun and rewarding. Often times they do make you think and you learn something new about yourself.

How do you earn points?

The main way to earn points identified by MySurvey reviews is by completing surveys, but not all surveys will pay points – some will only give you entry into prize draws.

The more surveys you complete, the closer you’ll get to reaching a new membership level. This means higher pay per survey and better surveys on average.

How much does MySurvey pay?

The pay for each survey varies. You can find surveys in the lower end at 100 points right up to 500 points. You need to be vigilant to ensure you find these opportunities.

$1 equates to about 110-120 points. Processing time can be long however – sometimes up to 8 weeks.

However several times I’ve received rewards much sooner than this.

How to redeem points?

You can redeem your points for cash via PayPal or for numerous gift vouchers.

They have a low minimum threshold of $5 so that you really don’t have to wait too long until you can start withdrawing cash, although some users have reported trouble redeeming points via Paypal into their PayPal account.

You can also transfer your points for a range of gift cards.

Things to note

You need to be aware of exactly what each survey pays when taking surveys. Some surveys will only pay you in prize draws, which means you wont get points or cash unless you win.

There has also been reports recently that MySurvey has stopped paying via PayPal, however their website is yet to reflect this change.

You can also cancel or leave at anytime. There’s no reason not to sign up now!

Summary – 4.0/5

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