My First Trip Funded By Online Surveys

I feel very proud at the moment like that I’ve been able to reach some milestone. I’ve actually earned enough money with online surveys to be able to purchase return flights to the Gold Coast and accommodation!

If any of you aren’t aware, I live in Melbourne so a trip to the Gold Coast is actually pretty exciting for me. It’s a totally different climate and environment. I haven’t been there in years as I’ve travelled predominantly overseas on my holidays, but I think it’s equally important to enjoy your own back yard.

So how did I earn enough to fund this trip? To be honest, my methods were a bit sneaky and some of you may claim that it’s not strictly funded by online surveys – but I wont listen! I like to look at the bigger picture.

The other month I realised that it had been a while since I had withdrawn money from my accounts. This doesn’t happen automatically. I think that some sites do automatically send vouchers, but the sites I use all allow you to choose your own vouchers. Also, points expire if you leave them too long so you want to be sure you’re regularly claiming them. A few sites were offering gift cards that were slightly too good to turn down, so I selected a few gift cards and transferred the rest of my points via PayPal.

I usually give away gift cards as they make really good presents for people when I don’t know what to buy, but this time I decided I’d treat myself 😉 The gift vouchers actually served a more practical purpose than I had thought. I was able to afford a months worth of groceries with gift cards alone, meaning I saved a months worth of grocery money. Granted, I am a single guy but I still eat like a horse so this worked out to be a great saving.

I also received a gift card for Flight Centre so I took a look online and say that they had some fantastic deals – and it went from there. This is why it’s so important to stay informed. If I didn’t know then little treasures like this would never happen because I wouldn’t even know they existed.

Last month was a great month for me. I’m also considering posting proper income reports, if anyone would be interested in these do let me know and I’ll start posting these!

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