Survey Sites For Australians: MOBROG Review 2022

MOBROG is one of those few survey sites that consistently scores well in survey reviews. But how does it compare with other sites and how do you actually make money with this site?

We’ve discovered all there is to know about MOBROG so you can make the most of this site.

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MORBOG is one of the more simple and classic survey sites where all you do is take a survey for money and get paid. There’s very few gimmicks, payments are generally fair, fast, and they pay cash for surveys.

Read how you can have success with MOBROG below.

Making Money with MOBROG 2021

How regular are their survey offers?

As with any survey site, the biggest determinant of how many survey offers you’ll receive is how well you match their demographics. MOBROG doesn’t pay you for completing survey profile information, but it is an integral first step to receiving survey offers.

You’ll then find survey offers available to you. At times there will be no offers and you’ll receive entries into their lottery draw. However, the site can be more active at other times.

You can be alerted of survey offers through email or with their unique web push notifications, which can inform you of a survey offer even when you aren’t signed in directly to the site. I highly recommend activating this so that you can jump on survey offers as soon as possible.

They also have a good mobile app where you can easily complete surveys from your smartphone.

How do you earn points?

The main way to earn points with MOBROG is through their survey offers. They make it pretty easy to complete a survey as all you need to do is ‘search for a new survey’. However there aren’t always offers available and you may need to come back another time to check for a survey offer.

You can also earn up to $1.36 for referring a friend, however they need to complete 3 survey offers before you are paid, so this can take some time to receive.

How much do they pay?

When it comes to survey offers in Australia, MOBROG pays anywhere from 50 cents+ to a couple of dollars per survey, but it really depends on the availability of survey offers. There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of offers in Australia, but there are times when the site is more active than others, and it’s worth being signed up for these times.

How to redeem points?

There are only 3 ways to redeem points with MOBROG, the most popular of which is PayPal.

Once your account reaches a balance of $8.50, you can request a PayPal payment. This is usually paid into your account within 24 hours although there can be some delays to receive survey points.

The only 2 options are Skrill (another cash payment method) and EcoMatcher where you can opt to sponsor a tree.

Things to note

Each month there is also a lottery draw. This is an offshore company so two winners can win a voucher of €100. You receive lottery entries when you are unsuccessful in a survey. You have to activate the ticket each lottery draw, and you can do this on the side bar under ‘lottery’.

They also have some great badges and achievements where you can easily level up.

Summary – 4.0/5

While there may be sites with more gimmicks and ways to earn points other than surveys, MOBROG keeps it simple. They offer surveys for cash paid fast, and while there isn’t always a huge amount of surveys on offer, it’s still worth being signed up so you can be notified when their best offers are available.

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