Is It Still Possible To Find Good Freelancer Positions?

There’s been a lot of talk of late about where or not quality freelancer positions still exist online. I’ve listened to both sides of this debate and can see where people are coming from.

It seems that there are now so many people looking for freelance work online that it’s harder than ever to secure a position.

If you don’t have any feedback on your profile it can be near to impossible to secure higher paid jobs.

The other side of the coin is that because there are so many more positions listed now, and many of these are far superior offers than those in the past.

However this seems to provide little solace for those that are struggling to secure a position.

I’ve recently been getting back into freelance work (I write online marketing material) and have experienced some problems securing positions. However, I’ve been able to see persevere and have recently received some high profile well paying positions.

This leads me to the conclusion – no, freelancing is not dead, but you need to have a competitive advantage over others.

What we are seeing more and more are companies that require quality feedback. It’s no longer enough to have one or two 5 star reviews – you need several.

But how does someone just starting out secure these?

It can be quite demotivating for an experienced professional doing low paid, menial jobs to start out, but unfortunately just as when you take a new career route, you have to start at the bottom.

If you want to secure the best paid freelancing positions, it’s now more important than ever to take on those low paid jobs that guarantee 5 star reviews upon satisfactory completion.

I found that positions were hardest to secure when I had under ten 5 star reviews. Once I broke this threshold, I not only started being taken seriously but others started identifying me from the crowd.

Like many things in life there is a way to be successful if you work hard enough – this includes working online, having success with paid surveys and having success with freelancing.

By following the strategy of doing low paid, easy jobs that guarantee 5 star feedback, you’ll be following the best strategy you can to be successful.

You can find a list of freelancing sites I’ve used here.