How To Stay Sane While Working From Home

The ability to work from home seems like a dream for many people, but as with anything it has it’s pros and cons. With so many people moving to working from home at the moment with the Coronavirus pandemic, I thought it might be useful to share my experience. It may be different from others, but here’s what I’ve found being my own boss.

The pros are that you can wake up whenever you want, start work whatever time pleases you, take as many or as few breaks as you need and run errands whenever they arise.

Unfortunately the pros are also the biggest cons.

I often sleep in, I often lack the motivation to get started, I take too many breaks and get distracted by running errands that arise.

I also find the lack of interaction with co-workers isolating at times and can fall into a trap of working super long hours to make up for the lack of interaction.

Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain – Getting to go hike the Overland Trail is great motivation to keep working!!

But there are ways to stay sane while working at home.

I’ve found much like in the professional environment, a start and finish time are essential for maintaining a routine. Without one, I simply can’t muster up the same discipline and urgency needed to produce great work.

I now have an entire morning routine where I try and do a morning jog before starting work.

I recommend you also find a group of peers who you can relate to. There are many groups on Facebook and many groups focusing on working from home.

These groups can help fill in the gap that exists from the lack of co-workers. You can use these groups for general banter and for sharing memes with people who can relate.

It can also be nice to find a vice. I know some people opt for Coke, some people opt for tea, and some people opt for coffee. My vice of choice is coffee.

I bought myself a nice coffee machine so that I can really appreciate a good cup of coffee while working. It has definitely helped get me excited to start work.

A good playlist also helps.

Something I don’t recommend are turning on the TV while working. It can be far too distracting. However, other people may have a different experience.

I also like having my big goals up on a picture board by my desk. For example, at the moment there is a big picture of Tasmania where I plan to visit as soon as this is over. It helps keep me motivated.

Another thing you need to know is when to stop working. This can be even more difficult when working from home than starting. Switching off is tough.

I recommend you find a way to de-stress. Yoga, meditation, walk… it’s all good.

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What’s your advice to stay sane working from home?