How To Make Money From Home – 17 Real Ways To Work From Home

If the idea of working from home appeals to you, you’re not alone.

Working from home has numerous perks, like saying goodbye to the daily commute, flexibility to work when and where you want and a better work life balance.

It’s no wonder more and more Australians are picking up work from home jobs and enjoying an improved quality of life as a result.

Many guides that cover how to make money from home are far too vague, leaving you with more questions than they answer.

You won’t find that in this guide.

I’ve covered how to earn money from home as well as the ways to earn money online and find jobs online. Whether you’re wondering how to make money online or just the different ways to work from home, you’ll find it here.

How To Earn Money From Home

Before covering real ways to make money from home, it’s important to understand what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Often when people ask how can I make money from home, what they’re actually asking is how to make money fast online. The problem doesn’t lie in asking how to make quick money, it lies in the intention.

This is an important distinction because online work from home requires effort, and while there are easy ways to make money online included below, they’re not the most reliable money making ideas from home.

The good news is that if you can put in the effort and dedication required, you’ll have access to the best ways to make money from home and all the perks that come with online jobs from home.

Before I get to the best work from home ideas, I recommend you take out a pen and paper and note down the follow…

1. What are your goals?

Why do you want to work from home? What is it that you’re trying to achieve or change in your life?

Goals like having more free time and an easier more flexible lifestyle are great, but try and get more specific. Note down something achievable.

Start asking questions. How much do you need to earn to support yourself and your family? How do you want your life to look in 5 years? What example do you want to set for the people you care about?

Having answers to these questions ready can act like fuel when you’re still working on earning money at home.

2. Work out a plan.

Anyone can make money working from home, but few have the drive to work hard enough to achieve this.

A plan is important if you want to do paid work from home. This is because it will get tough and there will be times when you want to give up. Some compromises may need to be made in the short term so you can reach your long term money maker goals.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking it’s easier to work from home than an office, but it can actually be more difficult. Having a clear plan will help overcome this.

Think of the most direct path to achieving your goals. What do you need to do? What should you stop doing?

After reading through the easy ways to make money from home below and seeing what appeals to you, ask more questions and draft a plan. How long will it realistically take? What do you need to learn in the meantime? This leads to my final tip…

3. Invest in yourself.

Unless it comes to luck or talent, most of the time there is no reason to think they can but you can’t. This is just lazy thinking. With enough hard work, you can achieve your goals and earn money working from home.

I’ve met single mum’s with 3 kids transform their lives by learning how to make income from home, for the simple reason that excuses weren’t acceptable.

That said, the best ways to earn money from home may not be available to you right now, so learn. It doesn’t have to be expensive either – on Udemy most courses are under $15 and you can learn an entire skillset, like Freelancing.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

4. Be wary of promises.

This is essentially about avoiding scams, which is perhaps the biggest risk when working out how to work from home, particaruly when it comes to making money on the internet.

If you search how to make a lot of money, how to earn money fast or how to make easy money you’re likely to come across many such scams, but not all of these sites are illegitimate.

Some scams are easy to spot, like anything that requires an upfront payment for the guarantee of a higher return. Some are trickier, like an offer that’s worded different than the reality.

At any rate, when it comes to the best way to make money online always be weary and follow your intuition and refer anything suspicious to this site.

All the best legitimate ways to make money from home are below.

17 Risk-Free Ways To Make Money Working From Home

1. Join Paid Sites

The easiest way to get fast money is by joining one of the many sites that pays you to undertake certain tasks. Nearly anyone can sign up to these sites and make money online from home as they don’t require any skills or expertise.

You can get paid for surveys, watching videos and providing feedback, participating in trials, using different search engines and even scanning your shopping.

Doing online surveys for money has been a personal favourite way for me to make money on the side.

Note although you can earn money from surveys, you aren’t going to get rich and it’s not a replacement for a full time job. You could, however, use surveys to make money as a substitute for a part time/casual job, perfect for people asking how to make extra money from home with online part time jobs.

The best place to start is with one of the many survey sites. I recommend you start by signing up to the top 3 – Toluna, Swagbucks and Octopus Group.

It’s also easy to earn money from doing an activity you’d otherwise do, like grocery shopping. This is why I also recommend you sign up to IRI Shopper Panel. You simply scan your groceries and get paid!

Click here to sign up to IRI Shopper Panel and get paid for your grocery shopping.

You can also make money in the same way with Homescan here.

You can learn how to get paid for surveys here.

2. Scan Beauty Products You Buy

Do you buy any beauty products? Are you Australian?

Just scan any that you buy and you can earn money from Nielsen.

Find more information and get started here.

3. Freelance Writing

Some of the best online jobs you will find are freelance writing positions. There are many different reasons why someone may hire you as a freelance writer, from writing website content to simply transcribing an audio file.

And while it does help, you don’t need to be a naturally great writer. However, fluency is essential.

You’ll find many positions listed on freelance money making websites such as Upwork and Fiverr.

If you want to make money online fast with freelancing, I recommend doing a crash course on Udemy to learn everything you need to know and to give you the confidence that you can do it.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money online legitimately is with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? It’s basically where you set up a website and refer people to products and services, and if they make a purchase, you receive a commission.

It’s super easy to setup a website with WordPress for free, and you can now become an affiliate of Amazon Australia. We also know affiliates making money on eBay.

There’s a lot more to learn about how to make money from a website to be successful, like getting people to your website, but much of this information is available online. Here’s a great guide to get started.

Once your site is up and generating consistent traffic, affiliate marketing requires very little maintenance making it the best way to earn money online passively.

5. Matched Betting

While I’m against using gambling as a way to earn income from home, matched betting isn’t a gamble. This is because, correctly calculated, the risk should be removed so that you’re guaranteed to win.

This works because you make two bets opposing conditions – for example, that Horse A will both win and lose. This only works when the odds are stacked so that whether Horse A wins or loses, you make more money than you started out.

By doing this correctly you can easy make money, but it takes some work to understand the technique. However, once mastered, it is one of the best ways to make money fast.

6. Join Rewards Programs

There are so many rewards programs out there that will reward you with cash or items just for using their cards or shopping at their store.

This varies from loyalty cards for certain stores or chains to credit cards that’ll give you points you can exchange for gift vouchers or flights just by using their card.

This is a really easy way to make money from home. Even if they don’t pay you cash, you can get supermarket gift vouchers for your points and free up your grocery money.

Click here for many reviews of different point programs.

7. Virtual Assistant

If you’re searching how to make money on the internet, consider becoming a virtual assistant. Many businesses now operate entirely online so there is an ever growing demand for virtual assistants.

This usually involves taking on basic admin work like responding to emails and handling payments, but the role differs based on the business.

If you can secure a good virtual assistant role, you may also get the benefits that come with permanent employment like holiday leave and sick pay, making it one of the best legitimate ways to make money from home.

Many positions are listed in private Facebook Groups like this one which I recommend you join.

8. Data Entry

An easy way to earn money online is data entry work. As it is straightforward and basically anyone can do, making it great for part time work from home.

However the downside of doing data entry work from home is that it can be low paid, which may leave you looking how to earn more money.

You’ll find data entry work on sites like Upwork.

9. Tutoring

Tutoring is another great thing to consider when deciding how to make more money from home.

This is where investing in yourself really pays off. If you don’t have any skills, it’s time to learn (and perfect) one.

You could pick up and teach an additional language, but this takes time. But there are things you can do now, like tutoring people on writing resumes, using different software or creating certain craft. You can learn and teach any number of skills.

By doing so you’ll be able to profit from tutoring, which is one of the easy money making ideas you can do from home.

10. Repackage Your Job

If you already have a job, you could potentially make money now from home by negotiating a work from home agreement with your current employer.

It’s not only one of the easy and fast ways to make money from home, but also the most stable.

There are many benefits of working from home for your employer as well, like reduced overhead and improved morale. And if you can show an increase in productivity as a result, even better.

I recommend reading The 4-Hour Work Week to learn more about how you can make this happen.

11. Delivery Driver

One of the good ways to make money on your own terms is becoming a delivery driver. There are several sites where you can sign up and do this, the most popular of which include Uber and Deliveroo.

You’ll need a car and some background checks, but then you’ll be setup and ready to get paid.

Although this won’t allow you to get paid to work from home, you do get the flexibility to pick your own hours and it’s one of the fast ways to make money.

12. Babysitting/Home Daycare

Another way to earn from home is to run your own babysitting/home daycare centre. If you’re good with kids, this is a great way to earn extra money from home.

In most states, you’ll need a working with children check to make income from home this way and may need to work towards a child care qualification.

Once you have this, there are several ways to market your services, including simply telling the people in your neighborhood and joining community Facebook groups.

13. Rent A Room

Have a spare room in your house? AirBnB makes it super easy to earn cash from home by renting out a spare room.

All you need to do is set up an account. Once your account is verified you will be able to put your room on the site.

The amount you earn per night depends on several factors including location, space and whether or not it’s a peak travel period, but you can easily earn a few hundred dollars a month this way.

To have the best chance to earn extra cash from home, have professional photos taken and provide great information and hospitality for guests.

14. Manage Social Media

One of the fast ways to make money is managing social media accounts.

An online presence is pretty much essential these days, but many businesses don’t have the resources for a full-time social media specialist.

What they don’t realise is that social media can be automated and managed much more efficiently. This is where you come in.

You can earn money online at home by becoming a social media manager for these businesses.

I would recommend taking a course on Udemy to understand the basics. Again, courses are rarely over $15 and can provide a wealth of knowledge.

15. Selling Stuff

One of the more creative ways to make money from home is to sell stuff.

Some of the things to do to make money at home include growing and selling your own vegetables, crafts, music, paintings, books, cakes, voice overs, online courses, but there’s loads of other things you can consider when deciding what to sell to make money.

Again, if you want to make a career out of selling stuff and get paid to work from home, you may have to invest in learning a skill.

A popular platform for selling physical goods is eBay. If you’re looking how to make money on eBay, you might want to do more research as there are items you can import cheaply in bulk and resell them in Australia.

You can sell things like music and voice overs on Fiverr and write and sell online courses at Teachable.

16. Animal Care

If you love animals, animal care is a dream way to make easy money at home.

You can do things like pet walking, pet boarding at your home and pet hygiene maintenance.

This best thing about this option to earn money working from home is that you don’t need any formal certification.

The best way to find opportunities is to advertise your services in local community Facebook groups, or to talk to people in the neighborhood.

I also recommend you setup a website which lists what services you provide. You can do this easily at WordPress.

17. Manage A Private Blog Network

If you’re interested in delving into how to make money online from home, a great way is by owning a private blog network.

This is not for everyone and more suited to the technically inclined people that are looking for how to make money working from home. Basically, it’s where you purchase a number of old websites that have expired and rebuild them.

As these websites are older, they are seen as having more authority by Google. Because of this, other sites will pay you to publish content on these sites to advertise their products/services.

Note there are other requirements to ensure you’re doing this right. If you are interested in learning more, you can see find expired domains here.

Final Note

The best way to earn money from home is to do something you enjoy. If none of the above options appeal to you, something else will!

I recommend you look at Fiverr and Upwork to see all the ways of how to make a living from home.

You can also check what people sell on eBay or different courses on Udemy to see what you could become an expert in.

You’ll see just how many ways there are to generate income from home!

Click here to get started making money from paid surveys now! 

You can also read our guides to making money on the side or making extra money from home.