How I Partly Funded 4 Months In Thailand With Online Surveys

I have to say 2019 has been a fantastic year for me. I finally made the move to working remotely full-time which has given me so much freedom – not only in how I spend my time, but where I choose to spend my time.

This lead me to spending 4 months of this year in Thailand with the vast majority of that time being spent in Chiang Mai.

I simply loved it there. Here’s the thing – you can have a really good lifestyle there really cheap. I rarely spent more than $25 in a day with my accommodation, food and transport all covered.

Granted, I don’t have high expectations and I don’t expect luxury. But what I did have was more than sufficient and actually in a lot of ways better than what I have here in Melbourne for double the price.

It makes me question why I’m even here!

I was also lucky enough to take a month off work. Although I do work remotely I’m basically an independent contractor so this meant no income for me for a month. This would scare a lot of people, but for me it was quite exhilarating. Granted, I had my savings, but I wanted this to stay as savings. It meant the desire to earn additional income online was no longer a want, it was a need.

In all honesty, I was hesitant, but I retained faith that I’d have enough paid survey offers to get me through. After all, I’d started averaging $50 some days!

It turned out it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

What I discovered was that many survey sites don’t actually work internationally. They can pick up that the internet service provider is based overseas and thus won’t let you visit their site.

I had to stick to sites that had international programs – luckily there’s a lot of them. I list many of them here. Or if you are American, you can find a top list here.

Naturally the fewer sites to pool surveys from meant fewer survey offers, but I was able to average $10 a day which lead to about 30% of my time in Thailand being funded my online surveys. So yes, I did have to dip into my savings, but it wasn’t the end of the world and it was far less than if I hadn’t been doing online surveys.

Seriously, sometimes I feel like I’m part of a secret network of people earning money with online surveys. I can’t believe more people don’t do them. I suppose they believe it seems to go to be true. But it’s not like there’s zero effort involved, it’s just that the effort you do put in goes a long way. It’s like a job where you have total choice over your hours and location. Like a job, I put in effort so I get results.

If you’re still hesitant I would say just let go of your hesitations and try it out.

It might help fund your next trip!

Find my list of the best survey sites here.