Survey Sites For Australians: Global Test Market Review 2022

Note: MySurveys has merged with Global Test Market and now is called LifePoints. LifePoints is great and incorporates the best of both previous survey programs with payouts from $5. Join here now!

Doing paid surveys continues to be one of the fastest way to make money online. With almost all survey sites promising to reward members with cash, who can resist?

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One survey site claims to offer a fast method of earning money online by taking paid surveys – Global Test Market.

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Making Money with Global Test Market – Global Test Market Review 2021


How regular are their survey offers?

Joining the Global Test Market community is free and simple. You simply provide some basic personal info such as your email address for validation and become a member that instant! A few extra details are then requested so that the surveys given to you are of the best fit.

I received quite a few surveys within a week of joining. You can opt for email notifications for every survey that is available for you.

How do you earn points?

You can earn points with Global Test Market for every survey you complete. Referring a friend also earns you extra points. Use their site actively and you earn entries into a sweepstake raffles too.

The number of points for each survey will totally depend on its length and topic. Complete surveys as soon as you receive them to ensure you get entry into better paying surveys.

How much do they pay?

Global Test Market lets you redeem points for real cash, e-vouchers or gift certificates. Accumulating 200 points will earn you $1. You can decide whether a survey is worth your time or not as each email invite states the number of points a survey will earn you.

How to redeem points?

Redeeming points with Global Test Market is not much of a hassle in my experience it’s pretty simple and can be done directly on their site. You can choose from PayPal, Amazon gift cards and other gift vouchers from well-known stores.

You can withdraw points once you have a minimum of $10 in your account. And if you’re feeling generous, you can even donate a portion of your earnings to a charity on their list.

Things to note

As with any other survey sites, you can maximise your earnings and rewards with Global Test Market if you attend to surveys upon being notified. Make sure your profile is up to date and completely filled out to receive surveys more suited towards you.

Summary – 4.0/5

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