How to Avoid a Survey Site Scam

Ask someone who completes online surveys regularly what their main worry is and chances are it involves being scammed.

This is a legitimate fear. The internet is a big place and there are plenty of scams out there – some that many of us are already familiar with due to personal experience.

Unfortunately, any method that claims to allow you to make money online attracts these types of scammers. This makes it different to believe that there are legitimate sites out there willing to pay you – but fear not. There are plenty of legitimate survey sites out there, and you can read about them here.

What is an online survey scam?

Much like your average survey site, scammers can use very real looking surveys and claim to pay you for your time. This can make it hard to differentiate between legitimate sites and fake ones – the sites are often setup exactly the same as legitimate survey sites.

The major difference is that the information they gather isn’t used to pay you, it’s used against you. Scammers can be quite clever in their approach and can create complicated websites to make it seem as though it’s a real site. The reason they target survey sites is because they know people trust them and actively seek them out to try and earn money.

You can avoid scams by taking some extra precautions. Taking steps to protect yourself online is even more important when you’re trying to earn money.

Here’s what you should look out for so that you can avoid getting caught in a survey scam.

How to avoid a survey scam

1. Never pay to join a site

If a survey site is asking you to pay anything, this should ring major alarm bells. Legitimate paid survey sites should always be free to join, and they will always be the one paying YOU.

2. Avoid email communication

This can be tricky when you are making money online, but it is best to avoid replying to email communication from survey sites – especially when they ask you to confirm certain confidential information via email.

If the issue seems important, find a number you can call. If email is essential, then make sure the sender is from the actual company.

3. Don’t believe get rich quick claims

Making money with paid surveys can bring you a decent amount of pocket money, but you’re not going to get rich. Don’t believe these claims and be weary of any site that makes them.

4. Research sites before you join

If the site isn’t listed here, then I can’t guarantee it’s safe to use. If you’re going to join a survey site, read other peoples reviews online.

Also check if there are any sites named similar to the site you’re looking to join – this can be a sneaky way for scammers to trick you into thinking you’ve stumbled upon the real site.

5. Be aware of the questions you’re answering

Unless you’ve specifically requested something, there are some things that survey sites simply wont ask you via email. Some of the things that a survey site will never ask include:

  • your password
  • your credit card number
  • answers to you secret questions

Final word

Although the prospect of being scammed is scary for anyone, don’t be turned off. There are plenty of legitimate sites out there and so long as you stick to the paid survey sites on this site, you’ll be sure that your information is safe and secure.