Survey Sites For Australians: Aussie Paid Surveys Review 2022

If you’ve searched online for Aussie survey offers, you might have come across Aussie Paid Surveys, leaving you wondering is Aussie Paid Surveys legitimate?

There isn’t much information on this site except some Aussie Paid Surveys reddit forums, so to answer this, we’ve signed up and tried them out for you so you don’t have to.

Read our Aussie Paid Survey review below to find out whether you should sign up.

Making Money with Aussie Paid Surveys – Aussie Paid Surveys Review 2022

How do you earn points?

Aussie Paid Surveys differs from the majority of legitimate survey sites that we review in that they don’t actually offer the surveys themselves.

They are a router site, which acts like a middle man directing you to other sites where you can find their Aussie Paid Surveys offers.

This has both it’s advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you could potentially receive many more survey offers. However, it can take longer to earn points with any one site.

How regular are their survey offers?

A big determining factor when it comes to are Aussie paid surveys real or fake is how often they offer surveys and how genuine these offers are.

We found that the sites they direct you to are indeed legit Aussie Paid Surveys sites. However their ability to match appropriate surveys for the right demographics is less than if you were to sign up for the site directly.

Therefore, you might actually have more luck with survey offers if you were to join the site yourself, such as Toluna and Swagbucks.

How much do they pay?

They claim that you can earn up to $50 per survey, however these survey offers are extremely rare.

Aussie Paid Surveys do have the advantage of paying through PayPal and via gift cards and cheque. Howeve,r this can take a lot of time to accumulate and therefore you may be doing surveys for a long time before seeing payment.

Is Aussie Paid Surveys legit?

From my research it’s clear that Aussie Paid Surveys are a legitimate site, but it’s not all smooth sailing. They claim to have over 3 million members and can potentially have you earning $50 per article.

Whilst I’m not sure about the amount of members they have, I can say with certainty that survey offers for $50 surveys are rare at best.

Should you join Aussie Paid Surveys?

In my opinion, there isn’t any point since all they do is give you a list of survey companies to sign up for. We can give that to you right here! Simply sign up to the following sites instead which are legitimate, safe and will get you earning money online. Aussie Paid Surveys has a similar offering and you won’t find anything new.

SiteMin. WithdrawalRewardsJoinReferral Program
Toluna$5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign UpYes
My Opinions$10Gift Voucher + PaypalSign UpYes
opinion world$10Gift Voucher + PaypalSign UpNo
MyView$20Gift VoucherSign UpYes
Swagbucks$5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign UpYes
mobrog$10PayPalSign UpYes
Octopus Group$20Bank TransferSign UpYes
lifepoints$5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign UpNo
valued opinions$20Gift VoucherSign UpNo
rewardia$5Gift Voucher + Bank TransferSign UpYes
opinion bureau$10Gift VoucherSign UpYes
survey junkie$10Gift Voucher + PaypalSign UpYes
survey village$20Gift VoucherSign UpYes
wdyt$25Gift Voucher + Bank TransferSign UpYes

Summary – 2.5/5

There can be some benefits to signing up to a router site like Aussie Paid Surveys, however, this there really isn’t any point and it’s easier and faster to simply sign up for the companies direct..

I recommend you sign up directly to legit sites like Toluna, Swagbucks and Octopus Group for a better chance of earning money with aussie paid surveys.

You can find all the best survey sites Australia offers here.